With the recent acquisition of Flytec, Naviter now has an instrument for every Paraglider pilot. From a simple beginner level vario, to a complete flight computer capable of winning XC leagues and PWC comps, we’ve got you covered.
Sammenligning av alle Free Flight-instrument fra Naviter/Flytec
 Oudie 4

Oudie 4 Basic

Flytec Track Flytec Speed Flytec Alto
Sunlight readable screen Colour Colour Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome
Operation Touch screen Touch screen 7 buttons 4 buttons 4 buttons
Battery Type LiPo LiPo AA AA AA
Battery duration >12 h >12 h 30 h 35 h 250 h
Weight 350 g 350 g 135 g 130 g 122 g
Gloves friendly X X  X X X
Fast and responsive vario X  X X X  X
GPS  X X X  X  
USB connection to PC  X X X    
Touch screen  X  X      
Groundspeed display  X  X X  X  
Wind display X X X X  
Airspace display Comprehensive Comprehensive Basic    
Airspace alarm 3D 3D Basic    
IGC file X  X X    
Waypoints X X X    
Routes X X X    
Worldwide moving map X X      
Thermal assistant X X      
Internet connection via Oudie Live via Oudie Live      
Competition features  X Basic Basic    
Multiple profiles  X        
FAI Triange assistant  X        
Software updates Naviter Updater Naviter Updater Naviter Updater    
NOK 2 950,00
Produsent: NavITer
NOK 4 900,00
Produsent: NavITer
Vekt: 0,13 Kg
For deg som vil ha en robust og pålitelig vario med GPS
NOK 5 450,00
Produsent: NavITer
Vekt: 0,13 Kg
Produsent: NavITer
Oudie lages i mange utgaver. Alle med touch skjerm, kart, kontrollert luftrom osv.
NOK 3 900,00
Produsent: NavITer
Vekt: 0,137 Kg
The Sensbox combines all sensors required to capture all flight relevant movements, in an incredible small package
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