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Mentor 6 light fra Nova

Concept and positioning
Like all our lightweight gliders, the MENTOR 6 Light is largely the same
as the normal version, but it is made from lighter cloth and we have
slimmed down its internal construction. We also trim it a bit more for
comfort. Important: lightweight at NOVA always means full suitability
for everyday use and a full warranty.
Features • New Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping for even fewer creases on the leading
edge • Innovative Mini-Rib Vector Tape: this tape traverses through a
hole in each mini-rib along the trailing edge of the uppersurface.
This means better profile shape and improved handling. • Double-B splits improve profile shape, increase the structural
strength of the cells and secure the wing in the case of
turbulence. • Newly designed riser with “integrated Speedbrake Riser”. The
wing is only available with this version of the riser. • Differentiated A3-riser transmission ensures an optimised wing
twist in accelerated flight which makes the wing more stable. • Internal mini-rib seams. • Ronstan ball bearing pulleys on the speed-system to reduce the
effort when accelerating. • Durable mix of different cloths (Skytex 27 C1 and C2). • Optimised curvature, improved profile.
Selling points • Versatility • Suitable for everyday use thanks to smart lightweight construction • Comprehensive NOVA warranty package • Top in its category for actually usable performance (especially accelerated) • The MENTOR 6 Light was deliberately designed not to push the EN B classification to the limit – which means higher passive safety • Little sink in turns/good climb rate • Uncomplicated, intuitive handling • Agile and precise
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MENTOR 6 Light – Less weight, zero limits
NOVA introduces the MENTOR 6 Light - the lightweight version of the
MENTOR 6. It can be packed significantly smaller and weighs much less
than the standard version (4.2 kg in comparison to 5.05 kg in size S).
Nevertheless, the Light is perfect for everyday use with normal risers,
and all lines, except the gallery lines, are sheathed. NOVA therefore
provides the full warranty package (3 + 1 years). Naturally it comes
with all the innovative technologies that ensure more performance
and flying pleasure: Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping, Mini-Rib Vector Tape, Double
B splits as well as the new risers. The MENTOR 6 Light is suitable for cross-country, hike & fly, vol biv, travelling with a paraglider - or just
for pilots who like to make light work of flying.
Suitability • Hike & fly • Vol biv • Ambitious EN B cross-country pilots • Pilots wishing to step down from EN C or EN D • Recreational pilots• Pilots looking for a lightweight, performance wing for all occasions • Travelling with your wing

Colours Lime, Red and Blue
Custom colours (surcharge applies)
Orders from today
Options: rucksack (please state size S, M or L) or
Fast Packing Bag CITO
Delivery from 24/06/2019 (all sizes)


We would also like to invite you to the Super Testival in Kössen, which
will take place from the 30th May to 2nd June 2019.


Tekniske data

Technical data

Number of cells 59 59 59 59
Projected span 8,43 8,87 9,29 9,70
Projected area 18,49 20,46 22,44 24,45
Projected aspect ratio 3,84 3,84 3,84 3,84
Flat span 10,86 11,42 11,96 12,48
Flat area 21,84 24,16 26,49 28,88
Flat aspect ratio 5,4 5,4 5,4 5,4
Line diameter 0,65/1/1,2
Line length 6,43 6,76 7,08 7,39
Total line length 233 245 257 268
Max. chord 2,48 2,61 2,73 2,85
Min. chord 0,45 0,47 0,49 0,51
Weight  3,35 3,7 4 4,3
Recommended take off weight 55-80 70-90 80-100 90-110
Certification (EN/LTF) B B B B
Produsent: Nova
Farger Nova:
Pris: NOK 40 900,00
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